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dl Hopkins is a fixture in the Virginia Theatre community. Onstage he is an award winning actor, veteran poet, and former Artistic Director of the African American Repertory Theatre of Virginia. He has appeared on film as well as the small screen in many different roles ranging from HBO’s “The Wire” and most recently starring in the Fox series “Legends & Lies” as Bass Reeves, The Real Lone Ranger. Mr. Hopkins was honored with the title of Artist-In-Residence at the University of Richmond, where he performed and taught. As a founding member of Ernie McClintock’s Jazz Actors Theatre, he toured as a fellow repertory artist, and taught Mr. McClintock’s Jazz Actor’s technique. 


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Loving (2016)

Plot: Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple,
are sentenced to prison in Virginia in 1958 for getting married.


  2016 “Alex”



2015 “Bass Reeves”  

Legends & Lies (2015–)

Plot: The series profiles notable figures of the Old West, through interviews with descendants and historians; and archival photographs.

The American Revolution (2014–)


Plot: This compelling new series chronicles the rise of the rebellion,
failures and setbacks of the colonial mission, and the ultimate comeback that resulted in the birth of a nation.


  2014 “Salem Poor”




Shadow in the Valley: The Battle of Chickamauga (2010)

Plot: The epic 145th anniversary of the Battle of Chickamauga; the 1863 battle from the common soldier’s point of view. Cameras embedded for five large-scale re-enactments on a portion of the original battlefield.

The Wire (2002–2008)

Plot: Baltimore drug scene, seen through the eyes of drug dealers and law enforcement.


  2009 “Hack”



 2007 “Officer”   

Beast of Burden (2007)

Plot: Years ago, a series of abductions took place in this sleepy, little Virginia town. The FBI sent in their best; Special Agent in-charge…

Swedish Auto (2006)

Plot: SWEDISH AUTO is the dramatic story of a small-town mechanic who voyeuristically observes life
from the shadows. When he discovers that a young woman is similarly watching him, he is …


  2006 “Cookie”



 2006 “Robber”   

La Bas (2006)

Plot: A late night robbery falls into peril when a sadistic clerk and a complicit detective add another victim to an underground collection of failed criminals.

Navy Seals: Untold Stories (2001– )

Plot: Navy Seals are dispatched to rescue hostages in Somalia.


  2001 “Somali Warlord”



 1998 “dl”   

Linc’s (1998-2000)

Plot: A gutsy activist. An ethical prostitute. A lesbian soldier. A new comedy series with everything.



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