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d.l. Hopkins has been a fixture in the Theatre community. Onstage he is an award winning actor, veteran poet, and former Artistic Director of the African American Repertory Theatre of Virginia. On film and television he has appeared in many different roles from the motion picture "Loving", HBO’s “The Wire”, and Fox's series “Legends & Lies” as Bass Reeves, The Real Lone Ranger. dl has been an Artist-In-Residence at the University of Richmond where he preformed and taught. As a founding member of Ernie McClintock's Jazz Actors Theatre, he toured as a fellow repertory artist, and taught Mr. McClintock' s Jazz Actor's technique.


The Work


"Loving" - Film "Legends & Lies" - Television "The American Revolution" - Television "The Wire" - Television "Swedish Auto" - Film "The Projectionist" - Film "Linc's" - Television



"The Hail-Storm" - Documentary "Shadow in the Valley: The Battle of Chickamauga" - Documentary "Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property" - Documentary


River City Renaissance man d.l. Hopkins solidified word-slingers and poetry-lovers alike when he founded the Just Poetry Slam, infusing the spoken word scene with a new kind of cool. He’s also been spotted on HBO’s “The Wire.” As an artist in residence at the University of Richmond, the debonair poet and actor hone the skills and talent of the next creative generation and somehow finds time to play one of his most important roles – dedicated daddy to a beautiful family.

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dl Hopkins